Friday, July 16, 2010


I was doing my daily "research" and chanced upon

I've always been interested in threesomes, orgies and swinger parties, but unfortunately never had the chance to experience it first hand. Well, the girls i fuck usually are the more "conservative" ones and are not open to fucking random strangers, oh well.

But with Sg-those, i see my fantasy of having a threesome coming to a realisation soon! :D I FUCKING CAN'T WAIT! My dick is already throbbing at the thought of it!

Talking about THOSE, it stands for Threesome-Hotwifing-Orgies-Swinging-Exhibiting.


Exhibiting was always one of my fetishes. It all started with that fuck-acquaintance of mine, whose only chance to jerk me off was on the bus because that was the only chance we had to be alone. I swear, the feeling was inexplicable. She enjoyed being finger fucked and licked on the back-seats of the bus too! The risk of getting caught just added to the thrill - people turning around, people boarding the bus heading straight to the back seats etc etc. Most of the time, her skirt and underwear would be at her ankles, thus leaving her with insufficient time should someone spot us.

BUT FUCK MAN! IT WAS THE TIME OF MY LIFE when we decided to take it up a notch. At about 9.30pm, when the bus was not as crowded, she unzipped my pants, jerked me off as usual as i played with her pussy. But this time, we brought along some rubber. She helped me with the condom, and started to lower herself onto my shaft with her back facing me, bouncing up and down with increasing speed. She tried to mask her moans by forcing her mouth shut for fear of being caught, but with very little success.

Whenever someone turned to look, she would lower herself slowly onto my shaft, and stay still, till the onlookers turned away. Her pussy muscles would contract from the fear of embarrassment should the onlooker decide to catch us in action , squeezing my dick ever so tightly.

After regaining our privacy, she would resume her vigourous bouncing, till both of us cum.

The additional factors such as the risk of getting caught, the chill of the air-con blowing directly at her exposed pussy, the fact that we were in a public place, just added to our heightened orgasm, which was highly addictive.

From then on, we found excuses to board the bus for a trip to "nowhere", meet at reservoirs for "Heart-to-heart-talk", go to the beach to "camp", etc. We were born exhibitionists. But this ceased when she had to go to canada to further her studies. ): and i really miss the time spent with her.


P.S. I really need to invest in a good digital camera soon! taking photos with my lousy 2.0mp E63 camera does not do justice to the beauty of our bodies, thus, i've uploaded so few pictures. Once i get my digicam, do expect many more pictures in the time to come!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wonder..

Are you gals comfortable with licking and finger-fucking your guy's asshole?

Well, most of the girls I'm with aren't. The closest was only on a couple of occasion where my fuck buddies licked the rim of my asshole. It was a rather interesting experience i must say.

Girls i know can cum just from being fingered. I wonder if its possible for a guy to do so too!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A couple of photos featuring my limp dick. (:

I'm the Reason for the Season

I was looking at the "betray" photos on Prince Charles IV's blog. From the tag, I can easily infer that those photos were either submitted by jealous boyfriends or ex-boyfriends in order to spite the girl in question. But what in the fucking world made these guys so spiteful? I mean, we always hear of people saying that guys should not be so petty and stuff right?

I started to ponder as i continued browsing through the sexy photos. Suddenly, the reason struck me. The culprit: Sexy and irresistible guys such as myself!

Well, you can't blame us for being a girl-magnet! Our charisma and physical appearance simply renders yours null. :D Girls just instinctively know that we are capable of fulfilling what most average guys out there can't.

Here is a story from a month ago..

One of my acquaintances, lets call him B, had been dating a Chinese girl for about 2 weeks when I happened to knock into him at the Starbucks in Bugis. He was on a date with his girlfriend, lets call her S. S was your typical Chinese girl-next-door. She had long black hair and a rather fair skin tone. She had an average build, neither skinny nor plump.

We got our drinks, and sat down around the round coffee table after I introduced myself to S. So our little coffee-talk began.

Approximately a couple of minutes into the session, I sensed something amiss. S, while having her left hand interlocked with B's right, was staring at me seductively, grinning whenever i returned the stare. It was as if my looks had her mesmerized. I could feel that B was starting to feel out of place. It was as if S and I were in our own world. We were literally making love just by exchanging stares.

B, who could not take it no more, went to the toilet as an excuse to leave the awkward situation. S, unaffected by his departure, resumed our exchange of sweet-nothing-stares after letting go of his hand. This time, she supported her chin with her clenched fists, elbows resting on the table, causing her head to move closer to me. From the corner of my eye, I saw that B was nowhere in sight. Catching her by surprised, I leaned forward and gave her a prolonged peck on her lips, withdrawing with a seductive smile on my face. That sent her into a half-shock-half-euphoria state.

She gasped, eyes opened wider than before, gently shaking her head, not believing what just happened. But the smile on her face indicated that this was just the beginning.

She reached for her handphone, sliding it across the table. I keyed in my number and passed the phone back to her, not bothering to give myself a miss call.

Saying that I was in a rush, and couldn't wait for B to return, I gave her a tight hug and left the place.


As I had expected, I received an SMS from a number that was not stored in my contact list. This was exactly what was in the SMS: "Hey Cute Guy, I just wanna tell you how much i enjoyed your presence just now at Starbucks. For some reason, i just can't get enough of you! I see you staring at me whenever i close my eyes. I know im not supposed to say this, but somehow, I miss you! XOXO, S"

I knew it was my chance, I jumped in for the kill.

I replied: "Hey Naughty, loved how you pissed your guy off just now. I don't imagine myself sleeping anytime soon, how about meeting up near your place?"

Without a doubt, she agreed, telling me that she was home alone. Following her positive reply, I cabbed down to her place. She had left the door unlocked, giving me permission to enter when i arrived.

There she was, sitting on the couch, dressed in a translucent night gown. Underneath her nightgown, she wore a black bra and a pair of pearl-white panties.

We greeted each other casually as she motioned me to sit beside her on her couch. Before i could even get to sit down, she jumped up and hugged my waist ever so tightly, with her ears tucked snugly above my crotch. The hug seemed to last forever.

I brushed my fingers through her silky black hair, caressing her neck, back, waist and finally her butt, as though motioning her to relax and loosen up.

She started to loosen up, tilting head upwards to catch my eye. I gently lowered her down onto the couch till she sat down beside me. Our lips met once again, this time, our tongues wanted to join in the fun too. The passion and vigor escalated each seconds our lips remained locked.

With my left hand supporting her neck, my right hand lifted her dress, fully exposing her pearl-white panties. Instead of moving straight to her pussy, my hand started caressing her tummy in gentle, circular motions, moving downwards towards her thighs, purposefully avoiding her crotch. I gently massaged her inner thighs, gradually moving upwards. Again, intentionally missing her already soaking wet crotch, my hand moved up her tummy, stopping just before her boob.

She couldn't stand it anymore. My teasing got her totally frustrated. She immediately broke the kiss, stood up, removed her nightgown and climbed onto my lap, with her back facing me. S grabbed my right hand and directed it straight to her soaking wet pussy. With her hand above mine, she rubbed her crotch through her panties vigorously, causing her breaths to become shorter and louder. She took hold of my left hand and directed it to her boob, squeezing it with her hand above mine. Soon, i was in auto-pilot. S released her hands and raised her butt slightly, slipping her thumbs into the gutters of her panties, she slipped them off, revealing a soaking wet pussy with a neat bush. At this point of time, my dick was rock hard, forming a tent on my denim jeans, pushing against her butt. I came prepared, not wearing anything inside.

She stood up and faced me, dropped to her knees and began to help me remove my jeans, releasing the monster hidden within. Her eyes immediately lit up, brighter than it ever was. Like a child in possession of a popsicle, S's mouth dove straight for my cock, sucking and licking it like there was no tomorrow, stopping only to gasp for air. "ahhhhh.... Im CUMMING!!!" i exclaimed. Upon hearing that, she picked up speed, her head bobbing up and down the length of my shaft, her right hand at the base of my dick, her left hand massaging my balls. I couldn't stand it much longer. I fired six spurts of hot semen right into her mouth. I slumped back onto the couch in exhaustion.

I motioned for her to take my place on the couch as i got onto my knees. Spreading her legs, I had full access to her invitingly wet pussy. I dove in, starting off by licking the juice off the perimeter of the pussy. I kissed her pussy lips, moving down gradually until i met with her pussy. As i gently sucked her clit, my tongue began caressing it, started off slowly, and gradually increasing in pace. Moving down, my tongue went in and out of her pussy rapidly, causing her to tense up her muscles and shiver. Her breaths faster than it was before, she buckled her hips towards my face, and "FUCK!!!!!!" she exclaimed. With that, all her muscles relaxed, her body still shivering. S was panting really really hard.

She led me by hand, to her room, where she sat me down on the edge of her bed and removed a condom from the drawer. She stroked the length of my shaft till it was hard once more, before helping me put on the condom.

I could take it no more. I carried her up and dropped her on her queen size bed, spreading her legs, i lined my dickhead with her pussy. With a little force, my dick entered her tight hole. I slowly bucked my hip till the full length of my shaft vanished into the abyss of her pussy, then slowly pulled it back, gradually increasing in pace until i reached a comfortable rhythm for the both of us. Her head was tilted backwards with her eyes closed. She was panting hard, her hips buckled upwards.
After about 10mins, I flipped her over, instructing her to go on all fours, and fucked her doggy style, my hands using her waist as a support. This time, retaining the steady rhythm from earlier on.

I could feel the cum welling up in my shaft, ready to spurt out anytime! My dick felt like it was gonna burst. I picked up pace and at the same time rubbing her clit with my right hand. I could feel her pussy tighten up, squeezing my dick. Her body shivered once more. This was too much for me to handle. I ejaculated as i took my last long stroke. Both of us slumped exhausted and wasted on the bed.

What a night.


Well, not long after that, S broke up with B because she felt that he could not fulfill her sexual needs as well as i did. >.<

I'll post a few pictures of S that i took after we woke up the next morning in my later post.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hairy or Hairless? Tell me!

I have been considering, whether or not to wax/shave off my pubic hair? Most girls I'm with do not object the ticklish and prickly feeling of my hair against their crotch, however, i know that deep down, you girls, just like us guys, love our fuck buddies to be clean shaven.

I have never shaven/waxed my pubes, and i've heard that after shaving, if you do not shave/wax regularly, the hair that grow out would be less soft and even more prickly! :O Thus I'm considering if i really wanna do so. Do you girls love guys with clean, shaven groin region?

Below are some photos i took with my phone of how my dick looks like with pubes. I know I know, most of you would say that I'm not exactly hairy, but wouldn't it make our sexual experiences better if I shave my pubes clean? Imagine the blowjob without having to spit out random strands of hair. Imagine having sex without worrying about the itchiness caused by the prickly pubes.

I'm contemplating on whether i should shave my pubes not for me, but for you girls!


My dick sticking out of the little bush ;)

And his trusty companion!

He says hi to all my faithful readers!

Don't i look ever so tantalizing?

Stay Tuned and Stay Sexy, Always! Please comment! (: My decision would be based on your requests!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The blowjob that SUCKED (pun unintended)

Just yesterday, while drinking at East Coast Parkway's Irish pub, i picked up a caucasian girl. We were both half drunk. She had fiery red hair, and big (i mean enormous) boobs. That really turned me on.

I hinted for her to come over to my place where we could spend some cozy time together.

So we flagged a cab in our drunken state and ended up in my place (i wonder how).

It felt as if it was burning inside despite the air-con being on full blast. We stripped naked and begun kissing each other passionately, all the way to my bath tub.

Inside the bath tub, she grabbed my dick while i was starting the shower and shoved it in her mouth. I SWEAR! THAT WAS THE WORST BLOWJOB I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! she bobbed up and down, with little or no pressure exerted by her lips, her tongue seemingly paralyzed and after a few motions, i could feel her teeth clamping down on my shaft.

That sucked big time (no pun intended).

However, I still allowed her to finish her job in the name of respect, and i finished mine. (; we shall leave that for next time.

The purpose of this post would be to share with you girls my view on what guys regard as a satisfying blowjob and how to perform it like a pro.

The key to success is, Attitude! If you have the mindset that blowjobs are disgusting and even consider them a chore, then STOP, don't bother. Sex should be fun and enjoyable to BOTH parties. So, i repeat.. if you are not having fun, fucking stop!

Alright alright here it goes..

1. Alot of girls are conscious about the way they look with a dick in their mouth. I can assure you, from the many blowjobs that i have had that you are the most beautiful girl in the world down there!

2. Communication is vital. Ask him to tell you what you are doing right and what you can improve on - before, during and after.

3. Guys love girls to initiate the blowjob. Its inexplicably sexy when girls just surprise a guy by placing his dick in their mouth.

4. Start slow. Don't act like you have been food-deprived for weeks and a big fat sausage suddenly appeared in front of you. Its good to start a blowjob treating the dick like a popsicle. Begin by sucking gently on the dick head, licking the length of the shaft down to the balls, sucking the balls one at a time, then both at the same time. Don't forget his inner thighs! Similar to yours, his inner thighs are also one of his many erogenous zones. Licking and sucking his inner thighs would raise the sexual tension by many folds.

5. Imagine yourself making out with the dick. Lightly sucking and tonguing. Careful not to become a human vacuum cleaner though.

6. Use your hands if needed. Don't be afraid to use your hands.

7. Try tickling his balls or sticking your finger into his anus for added sexual effect.

8. Gradually increase speed until you reach a comfortable rhythm that both you and he enjoys. When all verbal and non-verbal signs show that he is cumming really really soon, do not slow down, keep going! You are doing awesome!

9. The escalating groan..... and suddenly cum squirts out all over the place.

See! it isn't that difficult to be a professional at giving blowjobs. All it takes is some passion. Go with the flow. (:

All the best!

I love camwhoring with my Six-Pecs.

As promised..

I bet you wanna just touch them!